The amazing nature of Turkmenistan and the ecologically pure Turkmen coastline of the Caspian Sea is now the focus of worldwide attention. The Caspian Sea, which is the largest lake on earth, separates Europe and Asia, and simultaneously serves as the western border of Turkmenistan with a coastline of 1200 km.  National tourist zone «Awaza» today in the sphere of world tourism is widely known as the most comfortable coastal tourist recreation center.

Awaza is national tourist zone stretched along the coast of the Caspian Sea, located in Balkan province 12 km away from the city of Turkmenbashi. Total area of Awaza is 5 thousand hectares, and length of coastline is 26 kilometers. Awaza was founded in 2007 and since then the construction work carried out here successfully continues up to the present day. For the few years along with fashionable hotels cozy family cottages and villas, sport facilities, children recreational centers, parks and places of cultural rest appeared on the shore of the Caspian Sea. Azure ribbon of man-made river with original bridges thrown over it has become one of the main attractions of the recreation zone. Cozy restaurants, cafes and bars are located on the picturesque embankments, decorated with openwork bars of fences and hundreds of original lanterns. Along the river are laid out walking alleys with greenery, as well as paths for biking.  In the evening this corner of paradise is illuminated by hundreds of colored lights, music sounds everywhere, unfolds colorful light and music water show “dancing” fountains, at concert sites are a variety of performances. In parallel with health resorts and hotels, a solid base of energy, technological and environmental development of the entire multi-profile infrastructure of Awaza is being created here. Even today, tourists arrive in the modern international-class airport of Turkmenbashi, distinguished by the original architectural design and high-tech equipment. One thousand passengers per hour is not the limit of the airport complex’s functionality. Modern broadband roads lead from the airport to the city and the resort area. A cascade of discoveries of new original objects marks the beginning of each new resort season in the National tourist zone Awaza, as if moved to the seashore from eastern fairy tales.

The fame of the national tourist zone Awaza, which has turned into a blooming garden, has gone around the world. It is also pleasant that the paradisiacal land, which emerged on the shore of the Caspian Sea, is widely praised in the national art successfully developing in step with the times. As you know, in Awaza you can not only relax, but also improve your health, receive recreational procedures. Walking in the clean air and bathing in seawater promotes good health. On the sandy shore of the Caspian Sea with the seawater enriched with minerals all necessary conditions for good rest are created. Minerals level of seawater of Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea contributes to mild climate of the sea region. All this is a guarantee of good mood of holidaymakers. In Awaza created many opportunities both for recreation of adults and for comfortable rest of young generation. Healing seawater, sun-heated seawater drops resembling beads, sparkling clean sand and fresh air welcomes people who come here. Cheerful children, running to the shells thrown by the waves on the shore testifies that all dreams come true here. The beautiful image of Turkmenistan is an endless melody of the soul. You walk step by step and each step captivates you by its uniqueness, and your eyes become even wider. The beauty gives people a pleasant experience. Beautiful horizons are of great importance in the development of a healthy and high-spirited younger generation. Having visited this land, one becomes a witness of how the local people of Turkmenistan and foreign guests are surrounded by the amazing beauty of nature. On the sands of Turkmen, land warmed by the generous rays of the sun one hears the quiet sound of waves breaking against the shore contributes to the spiritual purification and one can really relax here.

The white marble buildings erected on the Awaza attract many tourists from all over the world. Hotel complexes erected on a unique basis of Turkmen national architecture and corresponding to high world standards, as well as other objects of social significance that make a great impression on everyone with their beauty, national style and modern motifs are regularly built on the shore of Caspian Sea. Healing water of the Caspian Sea and iodine-rich healing air is the only source in the healing of asthma. The modern objects of Awaza are striking and have caused increased attention of foreign tourists to the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea.  One of such modern buildings fully complying with international standards is «Shamekan» Hotel. It offers citizens of the country and foreign tourists a variety of high quality services. On the first floor of the hotel is the entrance hall, which is decorated with beautiful flowers and pleases the soul. Specialists of the guest distribution department check visitors in hotel rooms and provide rooms according to the wishes of guests. Hotel Shamekan consists of 12 floors with 112 rooms for 300 people. There are categories of rooms: single, double, family rooms and suites. The rooms are provided with all amenities such as comfortable furniture, heating and air conditioning systems. Even the placement of rooms is designed with great care for people and their comfort. On the first floor, there is a bath spa complex, swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, hammam, jacuzzi, massage rooms and hydrotherapy treatment rooms. There is also a billiards hall and a bowling hall on the first floor. This hotel provides all conditions for an interesting and enjoyable pastime of the young people.

Another hotel worth mentioning is the luxurious five-star «Gyami» Hotel. The total area of the hotel is 62 thousand 305 square meters.  Gyami in Turkmen means “ship” and this symbolic name of the hotel is reflected in the original architectural embodiment of the upscale health resort, resembling a snow-white sailing ship. The high-rise hotel complex with 350 beds blends harmoniously into the picturesque local landscape. There are 120 two-bed rooms, 18 Deluxe-class quadruple rooms and 10 VIP-class quadruple rooms within its walls on the 3rd-13th floors. On its well-appointed and well-groomed territory, apart from the main building, there are also water parks for children and adults, original pavilions, summer café, sports grounds, and much more. Leisure facilities of the hotel complex include 3D movie theater for 85 seats, disco for 100 seats, karaoke bar, bowling, billiard room, and slot machines. Salt room, swimming pools, gym, sauna, massage rooms, Turkish bath and beauty salon are also at guests’ disposal. On the first floor of the hotel, there are restaurants with a great variety of national and international cuisines. Of particular interest to guests is the national souvenir store, located on the first floor of the hotel, where you can buy a variety of gift items, handicrafts and arts and crafts.

Located in Awaza, the center of tourism of Turkmenistan, «Yelken» Yacht Club is one of the most complex and comfortable facilities. Located on the shore of the Caspian Sea with the coastline of 1 km the yacht club has excellent location and has an incomparable view to the sea. Yacht Club “Yelken” combines recreation, entertainment and sports activities for guests. In addition to the guest residences and the yacht club with the port, the complex includes 16 catering facilities – restaurants, cafes and bars, including those with sea view, indoor and outdoor pools, spa center and entertainment centers. There are artificial lakes of intricate form created in the territory of the village, they bring a kind of dynamic to the landscape of this place. Paths for hiking and biking surround the lakes, and park areas are laid out nearby. The dominant feature of the yacht complex is, of course, its marina – a marina for pleasure boats. The marina is designed to service 40 yachts, and a team of experts with the latest equipment will ensure quality service and repair of vessels and boats. Yelken Yacht Club is the first facility of its kind in Turkmenistan and is provided with all conditions for real recreation on the shore of the Caspian Sea.

In addition to the above listed hotels in Awaza, there are dozens of hotels and cottage complexes as «Seirana», «Berkarar», «Bagtyyar», «Khazar», «Deniz», «Merdana», «Shapak», «Galkynysh», «Ak Yelken», «Shovhun», «Yupek yoly», «Khasyl» which differ by their own individual styles of decoration and design.

The new Congress Center of Turkmenistan, located on the shore of the Caspian Sea, also deserves special attention. The total area of this grandiose facility of original architectural form in the form of stylized white-white tent with golden stained glass windows on the facade and ornaments is 185,000 square meters. Center includes halls for representative events, summits and high-level meetings. A distinctive feature of the foyer design are huge aquariums in the floor and on one of the walls made of composite materials with exotic fish swimming in them. The large conference hall can accommodate 2,000 seats and is designed for various large-scale events, including international events. Awaza is the future center of the international festival movement – this seemingly daring idea is quite realistic.

“Resort pearl of the East” is how foreign guests and Turkmens call Awaza, for whom it has become a favorite and prestigious vacation spot. However striking the changes taking place in the National tourist zone Awaza, no matter how grandiose and impressive the scale of construction that is carried out here, the prospects of development of the Turkmen sea resort, its transformation into a real tourist paradise are even more impressive. Therefore, we have to wait for new man-made fairy-tale incarnations on the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea.